"Well Water" showcases NEA Jazz Master Frank Foster's unique Big Band sound from the late 1970's. After being lost for over 30 years, this recently discovered and restored recording of Foster's Loud Minority Big Band affords jazz aficionados a new opportunity to savor his marvelous style and his departure from established traditions. As an added bonus, the liner notes contain Foster's wonderfully detailed and vivid descriptions of the band member's contributions and interplay in the various album selections.


Frank Foster - Tenor Sax/Soprano Sax
Elvin Jones - Drums
Mickey Tucker - Piano
Earl May - Acoustic bass/Electric bass
Babafumi Akunyun- Percussion
Leroy Barton- Alto Sax/Flute
Bill Cody - Tenor Sax/Flute/piccolo
Doug Harris - Tenor Sax/Flute
Kenny Rogers - Baritone Sax
Bill Saxton - Tenor Sax/Flute/Soprano Sax
C.I. Williams - Alto Sax/Flute
Charles Stephens- Trombone
Kiane Zawadi - Trombone
Janice Robinson- Trombone
Bill Lowe - Trombone
Sinclair Acey- Trumpet
Charles Sullivan (Kamau Adilifu)- Trumpet
Don McIntosh- Trumpet
Joe Gardner - Trumpet
Cecil Bridgewater- Trumpet

Recording Date  October 9 & 10, 1977 

Engineer  Don Hunerberg, Dae Bennett 

Release Date (Piadrum - 0701) March, 13  2007